Herbaria Databases

The herbarium hosts two large digital databases: The Herbarium database, and the World Orchid Iconography.


Online access to the databases is currently under development.

The Herbarium database contains high resolution images of herbarium specimens with associated metadata.  The BASBG herbarium (350'000 specimens) has been completely imaged and basic metadata of about 75% of the specimens is available. The historical collections of Caspar Bauhin, Jacob Hagenbach, and Werner de Lachenal (BAS) are also digitized, as is the orchid herbarium Jany Renz (RENZ). Projects to digitize the remainder of specimens are in development. 

The World Orchid Iconography has been assembled in collaboration with the Swiss Orchid Foundation. It contains c. 100'000 images, representing orchid herbarium specimens, georeferenced photos with identification, and illustrations from the literature.

The Herbaria Basel collaborate with the United Herbaria of the University and ETH Zurich for database development.