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Herbarium of the Botanical Society of Basel

Herbar der Basler Botanischen Gesellschaft (BBG) The Botanical Society of Basel (BBG) was founded in 1952 for the purpose to promote botanical sciences and holds strong connections with the University. By donations, legacies and exchange this herbaria became one of the largest private herbaria worldwide (Int Herbarium code BASBG). An emphasis is on Central Europe and the Mediterranean. >more
The specimens are actually digitized and in part already available online in digitized form (c. 300’000 vouchers).

Orchid herbarium J. Renz

Orchideenherbar J. Renz Dr. Jany Renz (1907-1999) was a chemist, chief officer of pharmaceutical research at Sandoz AG in Basel, and a passionate disciple of orchids and their biology. Renz created a magnificant collection of orchids, including may type specimen of european orchid species, which he mostly had described himself. The orchid herbarium and the associated library have an international reputation. > more
The specimens are available online in digitized form (28'331 vouchers).

Herbarium C. Bauhin

Specimen Label Caspar Bauhin (1560-1624) was a Swiss Botanist and the first professor of Botany at the University of Basel. He described and classified thousands of plants. At his time and as a taxonomist he was a forerunner of Linnaeus. His herbarium is among the oldest preserved herbaria worldwide and was a working basis for the first local flora ever written, the one of the sourrounding of Basel. Included are many vouchers of new plants brought to Europe from the New World, including the first herbaria specimen of a potato. > more
The specimens are available online in digitized form (3355 vouchers).

Herbarium J. J. Hagenbach

Herbar J. J. Hagenbach Johan Jakob Hagenbach (1595-1649) was a physician and later on a professor for logics and ethics at the University of Basel. He was a disciple and friend of Caspar Bauhin and collected plants for him mostly in the sourroundings of Basel and in the Bernese mountains. Hagenbach disponed the herbarium after his death to the University of Basel. > more

The specimens are being digitized and are available online (3355 vouchers).

Herbarium W. de Lachenal

Werner de Lachenal (1736-1800) Werner de Lachenal (1736-1800) was a professor of anatomy and botany at the University of Basel sind 1776. At his time he was among the most outstanding adepts of the Swiss flora. Lachenal was preparing a new flora of the surroundings of Basel, which however was never published. His herbarium includes mostly plants from Switzerland, but as well many exotic plants from botanical gardens. > more
The specimens are available online in digitized form (XXXX vouchers).

Herbarium of the Institute of Botany

Specimen Label This collection of plants includes about 250'000 specimen and includes vouchers of plants from Switzerland, as well as vouchers of plants collected world-wide. Part of this herbarium is a documentation of the plants occurring in Switzerland, which can be used by students and researchers for comparisons. The collection of the institute documents the research activity of the professors of botany in Basel since the death of Werner de Lachenal. The herbarium includes many type specimens, which document the first description of plant species. > more
This herbarium is not yet available in digitized form (c. 250’000 vouchers).
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