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Digitalization of the Herbaria

Specimen Label Barcode


Within ongoing digitalization of the herbaria, the total stock of specimen is going to be photographed, recorded in a database and is going to be available online within the next few years. All specimens contain, besides the plant, valuable information on its origin that needs to be recorded. With the information in the database and the high-resolution photographs, a large part of the information needed for the work with herbarium specimen is going to be available internationally. Therefore, scientists and interested individuals can easily access the valuable specimen online and link them to data of other herbaria. The digitalisation increases the value of the herbarium and makes its content available for a future generation.

The project ‘Digitalization of the herbarium of the Basler Botanische Gesellschaft’ is funded by the "Stiftung zur Förderung der Pflanzenkentniss".

Speciman photography specimen digitalization
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